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Journal Articles

Illah Nourbakhsh, David Andre, Carlo Tomasi and Michael Genesereth.  1997 (Journal article, RAS)
Mobile Robot Obstacle Avoidance via Depth from Focus
Robotics and Autonomous Systems.

Andre, David, and Koza, John, R. 1997(journal article, ISJ)
Exploiting the fruits of parallelism:
An implementation of parallel genetic programming that achieves super-linear performance.
Information Science Journal,  Elsevier.
A postscript preprint is available here.

Koza, John R., Bennett III, Forrest H, Andre, David, Keane, Martin A, and Dunlap, Frank.  1997. (Journal article, IEEE-TEC)
Automated synthesis of analog electrical circuits by means of genetic programming.
IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation.
1(2).  Pages 109-128.

Refereed Conference Papers

Andre, D., and Russell, S.J., 2001. (NIPS-2000)
Programmable Reinforcement Learning Agents..
Proceedings of the 13th Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems.
MIT Press, pages 1019-1025.
The paper is available here..

Dearden, R., Friedman, N., and Andre, D. 1999 (UAI99)
Model Based Bayesian Exploration
Proceedings of the 15th Conf. on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence.
This paper is available here.

Andre, David, Friedman, Nir, and Parr, Ronald. (NIPS-97)
Generalized Prioritized Sweeping
The paper is available here.

Andre, David. 1995. (IJCAI-95)
The automatic programming of agents that learn mental models and create simple plans of action.
Proceedings of the 14th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence.
San Francisco, CA: Morgan Kaufmann. Pages 741-747.

Teller, Astro, and Andre, David. 1997 (GP-97)
Automatically Choosing the Number of Fitness Cases: The Rational Allocation of Trials
Second International Conference on Genetic Programming 1997.
Morgan Kauffman.
The paper is available here.

Andre, David, and Koza, John, R. 1996 (PDPTA-96)
A parallel implementation of genetic programming that achieves super-linear performance.
In Arabnia, Hamid R. (editor).
Proceedings of the International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications. Athens, GA: CSREA.
Volume III. Pages 1163-1174.
Awarded Best Paper Award.
The paper is available here.

Andre, David, Koza, J.R., Bennet III, F. H., Keane, M. 1998 (ICEC-98)
On the theory of designing circuits using genetic programming and a minimum of domain knowledge.
Proceedings of the 1998 IEEE Conference on Evolutionary Computation.
Piscataway, NJ: IEEE Press. In Press.

Andre, David, and Teller, Astro. 1996. (GP-96)
A Study in Program Response and the Negative Effects of Introns in Genetic Programming.
In Koza, John R., Goldberg, David E., Fogel, David B., and Riolo, Rick L. (editors).
Genetic Programming 1996: Proceedings of the First Annual Conference,
July 28-31, 1996, Stanford University. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.
This paper is available here.


Koza, J.R., Andre, D, Bennet, F. H, Keane, M. 1999 (book)
Genetic Programming III: Automatic Program and Circuit Synthesis
Morgran Kaufman.
Information on this book is available here.  It can be purchased here.

Book chapters

Andre, D., and Teller, A., 1999. (Robocup paper)
Evolving Team Darwin United..
In Asada, M. (ed) Robocup-98: Robot Soccer World Cup II.  Lecture Notes in Computer Science.  Springer-Verlag
This paper is available here. .

Andre, David. 1997. (invited chapter, HEC)
Learning and Upgrading Rules for an Optical Character Recognition System Using Genetic Programming.
Invited chapter in Handbook of Evolutionary Computation.
Oxford University Press. In Press.

Koza, J.R, Bennett, F. H, Andre, D., Keane, M. 1999 (INVITED-CHAPTER--EDC)
The design of analog circuits by means of genetic programming.
Evolutionary Design By Computers
Bentley, Peter J. (editor) Chapter 13
This paper is available here.

Koza, John R. and Andre, David. 1996. (ECTA, book chapter)
Automatic discovery of protein motifs using genetic programming.
In Yao, Xin (editor).
Evolutionary Computation: Theory and Applications.
Singapore: World Scientific.


Nourbakhsh, I. and Andre, David. 1996. (patent)
Generating Categorical Depth Maps Using Passive Defocus Sensing.
U.S. Patent number 5793900, awarded Aug 11, 1998.

Koza, John R., Bennett III, Forrest H, and Andre, David A. 1996. (patent)
Method and appartus for automated design of complex structures using genetic programming
U.S. Patent number 5867397, awarded Feb 2, 1999.

Koza, J.R., Andre, David, and Tacket, W. A. 1994. (patent)
Simultaneous Evolution of the Architecture of a Multi-Part Program to Solve a Problem Using Architecture Altering Operations.
U. S. Patent application number 5742738, awarded April 21, 1998, also
U. S. Patent application number 6058385, awarded May 2, 2000.


Andre, David.  1998 (HRL Workshop Paper)
Learning Hierarchical Behaviors.
Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning Workshop, NIPS 1998.
The paper is available here.

Andre, David, Bennett III, Forrest H, Koza, John. 1997. (IJCAI-97)
Exceeding Human Performance on the Majority Classification Problem: A responseto AAAI-96 Challenge #8
IJCAI-97 poster presentation.

Andre, David. 1994. (BS thesis)
Artificial Evolution of Intelligence: Lessons from natural evolution: An illustrative approach using Genetic Programming.
BS Honors Thesis. Stanford University. Symbolic Systems Program.
postscript file

Andre, David. 1994. (BA thesis)
Acquisistion of biological knowledge: the effect of familiarity on induction.
BA Honors Thesis. Stanford University. Psychology Department.

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